Alerts & FAQ

Flash/pop-up SMS presented as inbox SMS in iOS 14

Updated 2020-10-14

With iPhone iOS 14, flash/pop-up text messages are presented as ordinary inbox messages when the screen is locked. Users that are used to receiving flash/pop-up SMS-OTPs also when the screen is locked will notice a change when updating to iOS 14. This is a built-in behaviour in iOS and we are currently not aware of any workaround.

SMS disturbance in +46/Sweden 2020-09-01 (Closed)

Updated 2020-09-02 10:55

Starting 2020-09-01 11:14 there was a network disturbance affecting SMS-OTP deliveries to many +46/Sweden subscribers. Ordinary phone-to-phone SMS traffic was also affected. From 12:06, SMS-OTP service was back for the majority of affected users, but as a workaround OTP traffic to most +46/SE numbers (also those not affected by the original problem) was changed to inbox-SMS instead of the usual flash/pop-up. From 2020-09-02 10:30, all traffic is back to the original defaults with flash/pop-up. For any users still experiencing problems, a phone re-start is recommended. If this does not help, contact Mideye Support.

RADIUS Challenge-Response broken in Netscaler (Closed)

Updated 2020-04-01

After upgrade to Citrix Netscaler, login with OTP using RADIUS challenge-response does not work. Users can enter userid and password and receive an OTP, but when the OTP is entered for verification login fails. Citrix have published a workaround for this. A similar issue has previously been reported in Netscaler and was solved by upgrading to Netscaler

iPhone warning ‘This sender could not be verified’ (Closed)

Updated 2019-05-13

After update to iOS 12.2, iPhone shows a warning message ’This sender has not been verified’ when displaying flash/pop-up SMS messages.

This is solved in iOS 12.3, released 2019-05-13.