Token card users


Token card user guide

With a token card, users can generate one-time passwords (OTPs) for secure login to protected services.

One-time passwords are obtained by pressing/holding the button until an 8-digit OTP appears on the display. These digits are entered when a one-time password is requested in the login dialog.

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The one-time passwords are generated according to an event- and time-synchronous sequence that is unique for each token card. Generated OTPs are only valid for a limited time period (approximately 4 minutes) and can only be used in the same sequence order that they are generated from the token card.

When entered in the login dialog, the OTPs are verified in a central server. For the verification to work, the token card must be synchronised with the central server. If more than 10 one-time paswords are generated without being verified in the central server, the token card will come out of sync and must be re-synchronised.

To automatically re-synchronise (Auto Sync) a token card, make two login attempts, with two different OTPs. The attempts must be made within a maximum time window of 3 minutes.

Auto Sync works when the token card is between 10 and 100 OTPs of sync with the central system. If the token card is out of sync by more than 100 OTPs, a manual re-synch is required. Contact, providing the 10-digit token serial number and the token counter value.