Mideye+ is an extension of SMS-OTP authentication, utilizing Mideye´s patented hybrid SMS-OTP/soft token technology. It is based on an app for smartphones which users can download and activate to enhance the basic Mideye SMS-OTP login.

The Mideye central system primarily uses data push (mobile data or wifi) for communication with the Mideye+ app , with SMS as fallback.  This makes login with Mideye+ less sensitive to temporary SMS interworking problems.  An offline signature function enables login also when there is no network coverage.

The Mideye+ app can be configured to use OTP (with an OTP presented in the app) or Touch-Accept (where the user accepts login directly in the app, without having to enter an OTP).

Mideye+ is activated/de-activated by users without imposing any additional deployment or administrative tasks on the IT-department. Provisioning of apps, activation, de-activation and life-cycle management is provided centrally by Mideye as an integral part of the authentication service. The Mideye+ app is available for Android and iPhone.