smartphoneMideye+ is an extension of SMS-OTP authentication, utilizing Mideye’s hybrid SMS-OTP/soft token technology. Mideye enables login also when the phone lacks network coverage (e.g. in remote locations, in server halls, in airplanes) or during network disturbances.



To use Mideye+ for corporate login, the following is required:

  • Your company must enable the Mideye+ feature. Ask your IT-department!
  • Your phone operating system must support Mideye+. Currently supported by Android and iPhone.
  • Download and activate Mideye+ on your phone.

Note that for Mideye+ to remain active, you must regularly use your phone for login with one-time passwords. If you change phone or SIM card, you will need to download and activate a new app. The old app will then automatically become inactive. To de-activate Mideye+, go to the deactivation page.



  • iPhone: why is it necessary to manually click on the link to open the app?

    With iPhone, it is currently not possible to automatically start an app from an SMS. For this reason, users must manually click on a link to start an app.

  • Corrupted / unreadable one-time passwords

    If you have activated Mideye+ and then changed phone or SIM-card, the app will no longer be able to decrypt OTPs. You need to either re-activate or de-activate Mideye+.

  • iPhone: Why can't I click on the link to open the app?

    First, verify that the Mideye+ app is installed on your iPhone. If the app is installed, try to restart your phone.