OTP spam

OTP spamming / unsolicited one-time passwords can be caused by incorrectly registered user phone numbers, telephone problems or network caching/resending of old OTPs.

Mobile subscribers that are not registered for any login service with one-time passwords (OTPs), but still receive Mideye OTPs to their phone, should contact helpdesk@mideye.com to block OTP sending.

Users with Android phones can experience reception of ‘extra’ OTPs at odd times. These are actually old OTPs that have been cached in the phone operating system. Make sure to always select ‘Cancel’ after receiving an OTP.

Occasional problems in the mobile network can sometimes cause caching and re-sending of old OTPs. Note that this is not something that should occur frequently, and does not have any security implication since Mideye OTPs have a limited life-time (default 60 seconds).