Auto Sync

To automatically re-synchronise a token card, make two login attempts, with two different OTPs.

  • Start login by entering username and password.  Press the token card button to generate an 8-digit OTP and enter it for verification.   If the token is out of sync, this login attempt will fail.
  • Start a new login, and enter a new OTP for verification.  If the previous OTP is still being displayed, it can be cleared with a short press on the token card button.  If auto-sync succeeds, this login will be successful.

The login attempts must be made within a maximum time window of 3 minutes.

Auto Sync works when the token card is between 10 and 100 OTPs of sync with the central system. If the token card is out of sync by more than 100 OTPs, a manual re-synch is required. Contact, providing the 10-digit token serial number and the token counter value.